Awards and honours

Awards and honours

The National Trust depends on the commitment and support of the community and many individuals.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication to conservation and interpretation of Western Australia’s unique heritage, the National Trust awards individual effort.

In 2012 the National Trust introduced Fellow of the National Trust as the highest honour bestowed to an individual.

Honours List

  • Fellows
    • Margaret Feilman OBE OAM (late)
    • Michal Lewi AM
    • Thomas E Perrigo OAM
  • Life Members
    • Ronald Bodycoat
    • Eileen W Brown
    • Dr Fiona L Bush
    • Chris Corry-Thomas
    • Sue Corry-Thomas
    • Hon. John Cowdell AM
    • Heather J Dayman
    • Pamela F Hall
    • Joyce M Hardy
    • Dr Cleve Hassell
    • Frank M Montgomery OAM
    • Roslyn F Stewart OAM
    • Don Strang
  • Life Members (Late)
    • N J Armitage
    • Valerie Barratt-Hill
    • J M Butcher
    • Penelope A Buxton
    • Emanuel Caizl
    • John W Callander
    • K C Camilleri
    • Margaret Jane Cardwell
    • Peggy Clarke
    • Robert H Clement
    • Dell Endicott
    • Barbara Evans
    • Margaret Evans
    • C A Fawcett
    • Mavis E Flottmann
    • Dorothy A Folvig
    • R Foulkes-Taylor
    • Gordon S Garratt
    • R Goodman
    • Verna Goodman
    • Hugh Norman Guthrie
    • Barbara Hale
    • Edith E Harler
    • E M A Haviland
    • J O Henderson
    • L Jackson
    • Thelma Jones
    • V M Knowles
    • Sheila Engenie Mary Laver
    • Sir Ernest Lee-Steere CBE KBE
    • Meroula Lukis
    • Hugh Mclarty
    • Josephine D Mclarty
    • Katherine Joan Mclarty
    • Madge H Meadows
    • Hon. Ian Medcalf AO ED QC
    • J Oldham
    • Ray Oldham
    • John Pidgeon
    • Dr Phillip Playford
    • William Pullman
    • M Ritchie
    • Mary Ritson
    • John B Roberts ISO MBE ED JP
    • F A Sharr
    • Harry W Sorensen AO
    • A C Staples
    • Freda Stimson
    • Valmai Symons
    • J M Thomson
    • Cecil Tree
    • FrancesTree
    • Sir Thomas Wardle Kt


  • Margaret Feilman Medal

    The following individuals and organisations were acknowledged for their tireless contribution to heritage in Western Australia and awarded the Margaret Feilman Medal:


    Hon. John Cowdell AM


    Dr Robyn Taylor
    Judy Williams


    Diana Frylinck
    Karl Haynes


    Prof David Dolan AM
    Ms Vyonne Geneve OAM MA
    Dr John Taylor
    Dr Ingrid Van Bremen




    Mr Michal Lewi


    Mr John Garland


    Mr Greg Divine
    Mr Bob Hart
    Ms Diana Russell Coote
    Mr Wayne Zekulich


    Mr M Hardey


    Col RB Mitchell CFD UE

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