A Celebration of Community Spirit, Culture and History

A Celebration of Community Spirit, Culture and History

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The National Trust Australiana Backyarder held at Gallop House on Sunday, 5 November was a resounding success, thanks to the overwhelming support and attendance from the community.

The event offered something for everyone, whether it was enjoying a leisurely family picnic, exploring the historic house through self-guided tours, or being treated to captivating performances by Cy Lendich, Jai Rodrigues and Jae Laffer. The atmosphere was vibrant as the scent of sizzling sausages filled the air, adding to the festival ambiance of the day.

Families gathered on blankets spread across the lush green lawn, indulging in delicious food while soaking up the sunshine. Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in history by taking self-guided tours of Gallop House. This heritage-listed property provided a glimpse into Western Australia’s past and allowed attendees to appreciate its architectural beauty and cultural significance.

One of the highlights of the event was undoubtedly the live performances by Cy Lendich, Jai Rodrigues and Jae Laffer. Their talent and passion for music shone though as they took turns captivating audiences with their unique styles and mesmerizing melodies. From Cy’s soulful vocals to Jai’s skillful guitar playing and Jae’s charismatic stage performance, each artist left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness their performances.

The first performance of the afternoon was by two local talents, Cy Lendich and Jai Rodrigues, which left a lasting impression on us. Their performance so captivating that the two teenage boys grabbed everyone’s attention and brought conversation to a halt – playing versions of Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin that soothed the soul.

Cy Lendich, hailing from Claremont, is an exceptional singer-songwriter who has been honing his craft for many years. Influenced by vocal powerhouses across various genres ranging from Soul to Country, Cy’s music resonates with audiences on a deep level. He recently unveiled his latest single titled “Matter of Time”, which showcases his incredible talent and musicality.

On the other hand, Jai Rodrigues is a gifted classical and contemporary guitarist who also happens to be a member of the Perth Indie Rock band called Dune Cartel. With his remarkable skills on the guitar, Jai adds depth and flavour to their sound, contributing to their unique musical style.

Both Cy and Jai have undoubtedly made significant contributions to the local music scene. Their performances have not only impressed but also inspired listeners with their undeniable talent and passion for music. We cannot wait to see what the future has instore for Cy and Jai.

Following a short break, the audience was treated to an extraordinary performance by Jae Laffer, the talented Perth songwriter, producer and musician delighted the crowd with a mix of songs from his time with the Panics and his solo career.

Performing under the majestic jacaranda tree on the banks of the Derbarl Yerrigan, Jae mesmerized everyone in attendance. Jae’s musical prowess is undeniable. As the lead singer and songwriter of the Panics, he recorded six albums that garnered critical acclaim and earned him numerous awards, including an ARIA and Triple J Album of the Year. His ability to connect with the audience through his heartfelt lyrics and melodies is truly remarkable. Not only does Jae possess incredible musical talent, but he also knows how to engage with his audience. In between songs, he effortlessly entertained listeners with humorous anecdotes that left them laughing and further deepened their connection to his music.

In addition to his work as a member of the Panics, Jae has released two solo albums and has been actively involved in collaboration while serving as Prelude Composer in Residence at Gallop House. This demonstrates his dedication to exploring new creative avenues and pushing boundaries within his craft. Jae Laffer’s performance showcased not only his exceptional musical abilities but also highlighted his charismatic stage presence. He left a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness his raw and unfiltered talent.

The National Trust Australiana Backyarder at Gallop House served as a celebration of community spirit, culture and history – a true testament to our shared love for artistry and heritage. This event could not have happened without the support from the City of Nedlands, Otherside Brewery and Lotterywest.

The residency is part of a program run by the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers House Trust, offering year-long residencies to allow composers to focus on their craft while residing in heritage-listed homes in Perth and Sydney.

As we say goodbye to Jae Laffer at the end of 2023, we welcome the incredibly talented Suzanne Kosowitz to Gallop House for 2024.

Suzanne is a composer who writes orchestral, chamber theatrical and film music. Her work has been performed at international festivals including the Mostly Modern Festival (USA), THE Atlantic Music Festival (USA), and the World Saxophone Congress (Scotland); and by ensembles including the American Modern Ensemble Perth’s Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra; the WAYO Philharmonic; and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s Education Chamber Orchestra.


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