Artillery Drill Hall Future

Artillery Drill Hall Future

Artillery Drill Hall

CEO Tom Perrigo said a call for expressions of interest for the heritage property reinforced the Trust’s responsibility for good governance.

“It demonstrates both the transparency and accountability of the Trust processes for leasing significant heritage places,” Mr Perrigo said.

The Trust has been mindful of honouring the advance bookings at the Fly By Night Musicians Club through to the lease end.

“The former Artillery Drill Hall had been made available at lower than market rent to Fly By Night Musicians Club during its current seven year lease in recognition of the community value it brings,” he said.

Mr Perrigo said the Trust recognised the strong public support for the Fly By Night Musicians Club from both the City of Fremantle and the City of Cockburn and would encourage the club to explore partnerships for mutual benefit.

“The Trust’s call for expressions of interest is not a competitive tender process,” Mr Perrigo said.

“The Trust is seeking tenants who can demonstrate a sustainable commitment to heritage values and in particular with regard to the Artillery Drill Hall (fmr), its social significance,” Mr Perrigo said.

A decision on a new lease agreement is expected by mid July following the expression of interest process.

Listen to Trust CEO Tom Perrigo discuss the Drill Hall’s future with RTR FM, here.

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