East Perth Cemeteries farewell power of the past

East Perth Cemeteries farewell power of the past

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East Perth Cemeteries

Installed in the 1960s, the power poles and overhead lines were intrusive elements in the fragile cemetery landscape.

The National Trust welcomed the recent proposal by Western Power to remove the poles, now that the surrounding residential area is supplied with underground power and the 66kv overhead transmission line and power pole network are no longer required.

Work took place in early July to remove three power poles and redundant transmission lines in East Perth Cemeteries, along with the large terminus pole on Wittenoom Street in East Perth.

An archaeologist was present at the removal and Western Power was considerate in planning for the works in the cemetery, carefully moving a small crane and vehicles around the site over four days. The pole jack and skilled crane operator used large steel pads to disperse the truck’s 13 tonne load during the operation, and a crane to lift the redundant poles over the graves to the truck.

The cemeteries now feel far less cluttered and soon not even the yellow circles of sand will remain to indicate where the poles once stood.

Headstones at East Perth Cemeteries

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Originally located on the edge of the town, the Cemeteries today are a tranquil haven within bustling East Perth, perfect for a Sunday stroll. No matter how wealthy, famous, or admired we are, what is most important in life is that we have people who love us and will miss us when we are gone.

Stroll through East Perth Cemeteries on a Sunday afternoon and reflect on love ones lost and appreciate the stories this place has to offer. Volunteers on site are incredibly knowledgeable and can help you search the extensive database of burials and locate graves.

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