Flowers on ANZAC Day

Flowers on ANZAC Day

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ANZAC Day has a special place on National Trust’s annual calendar, commemorating all who have served and continue to serve with sunset services at Peninsula Farm, Wu-rut Woorat and ANZAC Cottage and a poppy display at Woodbridge at Mandoon.

The National Trust is grateful to the commitment by our volunteers to commemorating this important day, in particular the hard work and attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes that makes it even more special.

The laying of wreaths by the flagpole at Peninsula Farm is a significant and moving part of the sunset service. For the last three years the wreaths for the ceremony have been made by volunteer Julie Watson and her floral apprentice Judy Ewing. This year, after collecting and preparing the flowers, they meticulously created 12 stunning wreaths, each taking about 30 minutes to make.

The volunteers at Woodbridge carefully gathered up hand-made crochet poppies, displaying them in the grounds at Woodbridge. The striking colours of the poppies leave a thoughtful and lasting impression.


Wreaths for ANZAC Day sunset service at Peninsula Farm on 25 April 2024
Wreaths made by volunteers Julie Watson and Judy Ewing for the ANZAC Day sunset service at Peninsula Farm on 25 April 2024
Poppies at Woodbridge ANZAC Day 2024
Poppies at Woodbridge ANZAC Day 2024




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