Luisini Winery “Kings Park of the North”

Luisini Winery “Kings Park of the North”

Cultural Heritage Places

The National Trust is proudly partnering with Be Our Guest Holding Pty Ltd following a successful EOI process, to revitalise the heritage asset and create a multi-purpose community facility and tourist destination.

Plans for the site, located on the banks of Lake Goollelal, include preserving most of the concrete wine barrels and honouring the current hand-built structures by reusing limestone walls, wooden eaves and steel doors.

“Luisini Winery will become a key, vibrant, multipurpose community, and tourist destination in the northern suburbs corridor,” said Julian Donaldson, M.ICOMOS, Chief Executive Officer of the National Trust Western Australia.

“It will not only tell the story of the place, but it will also be sensitive to the environmental and include a focus on families and on local and other communities, providing a meeting place with associated multipurpose activities.”

Luisini Winery is an integral part of the Yellagonga Regional Park, the origins and operations of the Winery and its role in the development of the Wanneroo area are very important. At one stage, the Luisini Winery was considered the largest privately owned Winery in Western Australia and possibly the southern hemisphere, with wine sales continuing until 1988.

“This redevelopment will provide a fantastic southern entry statement to the beautiful Yellagonga Regional Park, providing an appealing place to meet, eat and relax,” said Premier Roger Cook. “It will complement our $8.5 million commitment to help create a Kings Park of the north by including an all-abilities nature playground on the banks of Lake Goollelal.”

Luisini Winery was purchased by the State Government in 1989. The Western Australian Planning Commission entrusted the National Trust of Australia (WA), though a Management Order, to conserve and interpret this important natural and cultural heritage place.

Header image from left to right: National Trust Chairman, Hon Robert ‘Bob’ Kucera APM, Western Australian Permierm Hon. Roger Hugh Cook MLA, Heritage Minister, Hon. David Templeman MLA, Director of Be Our Guest Holding Pty Ltd, Nigel Oakey, National Trust Chief Executive Officer, Julian Donaldson, National Trust Chief Financial Officer, Michael Dsouza and National Trust Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Director Corporate Services, Enzo Sirna AM.

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