National Trust celebrates Anzac Cottage transfer

National Trust celebrates Anzac Cottage transfer

ANZAC Cottage

Anzac Cottage was built in one day, 12 February 1916, by the community of Mount Hawthorn as a home for returned soldier Private Porter and his family, and as a memorial for those who lost their lives in the tragic Gallipoli landing. The cottage was State Heritage listed in 2000 and is also recognised on the Register of the National Estate and classified by the National Trust.

Speaking at the ceremony were the Hon John Carey MLA, Minister for Housing and Local Government, City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and the Hon Dr Ken Michael AC, President of the National Trust of Western Australia.

Also taking part were councillors from the City of Vincent and representatives from the National Trust, the Friends of Anzac Cottage, the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia WA (VVAAWA) and members of the local community.

“The National Trust acknowledges that the transfer of Anzac Cottage is a significant addition to its collection of places several of which contribute to telling the story of the Anzac spirit – although none quite as directly as this,” said Hon Dr Ken Michael AC, President of the National Trust of Western Australia.

“We acknowledge the importance of Anzac Cottage to the Mt Hawthorn community and the state more broadly and we are excited and humbled to now be a part of the cottage’s important legacy and its ongoing story.”

City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole said the transfer of the ANZAC Cottage to the National Trust was an important step in its lasting legacy.

“It is with emotion but a strong sense of celebration and conviction that the City of Vincent has handed the Cottage onto the National Trust of Western Australia,” she said.

“It was so important to me that we did this with the blessing of Marjorie Williams, daughter of original owner Private John Porter, who was born at the Cottage.

“Marjorie is now 100 years old and this transfer of ownership is particularly special for her.”

Mayor Cole said Anzac Cottage was a national treasure and hoped its significance and appreciation continued for years to come.

The National Trust has promised to keep Anzac Cottage open to local residents and schools and encourage community involvement with the memorial. The National Trust has also committed to working with the VVAAWA and Friends of Anzac Cottage to ensure both groups can continue to be involved in the care and maintenance of the cottage.

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