No1 Pump Station chimney safety and conservation works

No1 Pump Station chimney safety and conservation works

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Golden Pipeline No1 Pump Station

This 1903 George Temple Poole building was built to house the engines that pumped water to Kalgoorlie for the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. Nationally recognised as an important historic site, it is one of the National Trust most visited places. Metal strapping at the top of the 46m high brick chimney had deteriorated and broken posing a health and safety risk. The site has been closed since August last year and all visitation to the area restricted.

High level work had to be undertaken using a crane and included removing the deteriorated and loose metal belts, followed with masonry conservation and treatment to the metal elements at the top of the chimney. While on site, high-level work to the building was undertaken such as replacement of deteriorated timber gables, masonry and timber conservation, painting and corroded metal treatment. Working from a crane with limited room to move was a difficult task undertaken by heritage builders Colgan Industries.

The works ensure the area meets workplace health and safety requirements and maintain the heritage fabric of this significant site. The works were funded by State Government Asset Maintenance Funding.

Now, the No 1 Pump Station is shining again and getting ready to re-open.

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