Stirling House Conservation Works

Stirling House Conservation Works

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Stirling House

Stirling House, at 101 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle. The results at Stirling House are the result of a $2.35m investment delivered through a substantial financial commitment from the Schools of Early Learning, with National Trust capital and conservation expertise.

The site was a summer camping place for the Whadjuk, later a convict depot, and has connections to government education from 1886. The North Fremantle Primary School designed by Government architect George Temple-Poole, was built on the site in 1894 and set a precedent in co-education.

It’s a magnificent outcome 120 years later that an educational foundation set in the 1880s is underpinning innovative childcare and learning in Western Australia; the beautiful architecture of the old North Fremantle Primary School is matched by a wonderful design which will accommodate 112 children per day.

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