The National Trust handed the keys to Bob Hawke’s Home

The National Trust handed the keys to Bob Hawke’s Home


The childhood home of former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was officially handed to the National Trust of Western Australia on Sunday, 12th November 2023.

After a round of cricket and a chinwag, the Honourable David Templeman MLA, Minister for Heritage, presented the keys to the Chair of the National Trust of Western Australia, the Honourable Robert Kucera.

The late Prime Minister lived in the house during his formative years, from the age of 10 to 24, and continued to visit his parents until it was sold in 1981.

The house holds great historical and cultural importance, serving as a living monument to the life and achievements of one of Australia’s most influential leaders.

Kucera, thanked the Minster and Government for their support.

“This place will sit proudly next to former Prime Minister John Curtin’s home amongst the treasures the National Trust cares for on behalf of the community of Western Australia.”

The National Trust will lease the house until it can put in place short term accommodation arrangements. It aims to maintain the property and install interpretations amplifying the many stories of Hawke’s early life as funds become available.

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