York Courthouse

York Courthouse

York was Western Australia’s first inland town and in 1852 work began on the construction of the York Courthouse Complex. From the lofty grandeur of the court room to the stark confines of the prison cells, it tells the intriguing story of country policing and law enforcement from the days of the first convicts to the late twentieth century.

The York Courthouse Complex is centrally located in the main street of town. The Complex comprises a number of areas: the four main areas being the Gaol (1852‑1880s), the Courthouse and public gallery (1896), the Police Quarters (1903 and 1910) and the Police Station (1908).

The Complex has great historic value for its strong links to so many key phases of development in York and throughout the State as a whole, particularly the convict era, the gold boom, and its association with prominent figures throughout its history.

  • York Courthouse Museum and Art Galleries, Avon Terrace, York WA, Australia
  • York Courthouse

The Courthouse is now home to the York Courthouse Museum and Art Galleries and is a reflection of the communities around it, in voice, in culture, and in art. The York Courthouse is a place for community to heal and grow. It serves to champion the voices of peoples often forgotten in the margins of society and often denied advancement and even existence. This mission is reliant completely on the open collaborative efforts of community through conversation and art expression.

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