Leaving a lasting legacy to heritage.

We are entrusted with treasures of place and history and take pride in conserving them to share stories with future generations.

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors are inspired by the conversations, place tours, events and programs we develop to help the community learn stories of our state.

By leaving a gift to the National Trust in your Will, you become one of the respected people who directly contribute to this cause. Your thoughtful gift will help the National Trust care for places and collections that represent the heritage of our state and tell stories that connect our past with future generations.

A collection of items at Woodbridge.

Why gift to the National Trust?

A bequest, or gift by Will, is the greatest commitment that you can make to support the National Trust’s vital work in heritage conservation.

Preserving and telling stories is our reason for being. And when a gift is bequeathed to the National Trust, we understand that you recognise the significance of our cultural and natural heritage too.

  • What is a bequest

    A bequest is a gift of money, assets, shares or personal property. You can specify a percentage of your estate, a specified sum, specified items or a conditional bequest.

    A bequest can be in a variety of forms including:

    • A pecuniary gift – a gift of a cash amount
    • A residuary gift – what is left of your estate once all other gifts and costs have been paid
    • A percentage gift – a specific proportion of your estate
    • A gift of assets – gifts of assets such as shares, property or real estate

    There are a few steps to consider when you are ready to form a Will.

    • Appoint a person who will be the executor to the Will
    • List your assets including shares and property
    • Think about who you would like to benefit from your Will
    • Seek professional services to guide you through the process such as a solicitor or online Will writing service

    It is important to consider your family and loved ones when drawing your Will. And when you choose to leave a gift to a cause, you should be very proud of your decision.

  • Leaving a gift to the National Trust

    A bequest is one of the most effective ways in which you can help to ensure the future success of the National Trust.

    Legacy gifts help care for the state’s heritage for years to come. They make inspirational projects possible and drive specialist conservation and innovative approaches to history at our remarkable collection of historic places.

    Gifts of money can be of any amount, and anyone can leave a gift to the National Trust of Western Australia. Gifts of money are particularly valuable to us and can go towards conservation and interpretation of our heritage places.

    The National Trust of Western Australia accepts gifts of real estate and property. Gifts of property can be made at any time (before or after death) and may not incur gift duty or estate duty.

    We welcome items or collections that once belonged to any of the historic places that we care for. We may also acquire items that are directly relevant to the history illustrated by a particular property or to people associated with it.

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