Weir Walk and O’Connor Trail

Weir Walk and O’Connor Trail


More than 100 years ago, thousands of fortune seekers flocked to the eastern goldfields hoping to make their fortunes – but water proved more precious than gold. Chief Engineer CY O’Connor oversaw the design of a scheme that would take water from the Darling Scarp to the dry interior more than 560 km away. Water captured here at Mundaring Weir was pumped through eight stations to reach the thirsty miners.

A Trail of Discovery

Uncover the engineering features of this mighty scheme as you follow these two trails past the weir, the pipe itself and the first of the pump stations.

Then spend some time in the beautiful bush beside the weir, which protects the purity of the water destined for distant places.

Don’t get lost. There are many paths and roads through the precinct. Follow the direction markers for the Weir Walk (yellow collar) and O’Connor Trail (green collar) to find your way. Read the information signs to learn more about this internationally famous water supply scheme.

You can download a low resolution version of the trail brochure and map (2.7MB) below, or contact the National Trust for printed copies.


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