Australian Heritage Festival

Australian Heritage Festival

Welcome to Australia’s largest inclusive celebration of all things heritage.

The Australian Heritage Festival is an annual community-driven event that connects the country through the sharing of and immersion in the rich and diverse heritage our country has to offer.

For more than 40 years, Western Australians have taken part by hosting special exhibitions, tours, talks, workshops, food fairs, ceremonies, demonstrations, dining events, interactive displays and so much more. Each and every event a wonderful interpretation of heritage and culture from around our great state.

The festival is both a celebration and reflection on the natural and cultural heritage of Western Australia.

We wish to invite expressions of interest from groups, individuals, artists, educational institutes and more to deliver cultural heritage experiences across the state.

Read further to learn more about the kinds of experiences we encourage and theme of the 2024 Australian Heritage Festival.

The 2024 Australian Heritage Festival will take place from 18th April 2024 – 19th May 2024.

Two children explore Aboriginal artwork and why their story matters with an Aboriginal artist.

Hosting an Event

Organisers are encouraged to provide opportunities for the community to actively engage in heritage, uncover untold histories and reflect on the stories that shape our future.

Festival attendees are invited to be curious about our shared histories and tales of people, place and culture so that together, Australian’s might share more stories and connections than ever before.

Australian Heritage Festival


The theme of the 2024 Australian Heritage Festival is “Connections”.

We encourage the community to celebrate the rich and diverse stories of our nation, strengthen cultural and historical ties and forge new bonds. We celebrate our link to people, places and the past, and the enduring connections that will shape the future of heritage.

Australian Heritage Festival News

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